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Leonie is registered with the British Brain Working  Research Society

Leonie is the only Authorized  CERTIFIED LEVEL 3 BWRT® practitioner in Bloemfontein South Africa and works online worldwide to assist clients to be free. It uses the latest discoveries in Neuroscience coupled with your own unique brain processes to help you get better. BWRT® works effectively with a great number of Psychological difficulties. Leonie creates change and has great success in Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias and (Stop Smoking in ONLY one session.)

BWRT works in the earliest part of the psyche, the Reptilian Brain which controls our involuntary functions: the beating of our hearts, the working of our organs, and our breathing. It’s in charge of our survival; for our flight, fight or freeze responses, for sexual behaviors, anger in response to danger, and most of all – FEAR. The actions and emotions that spring from the reptilian brain do so automatically, without us having to think about it. The Reptilian brain creates resistance. When our focus is on survival, the brain only thinks how to be safe and the thinking brain does not matter.

Leonie has worked with

Alcohol Addiction Anger Anxiety Bulimia
Porn Addiction Masturbation Addiction Drug Addiction Sugar addiction
Stop Smoking in One Session Fear of flying Fear of Driving Guilt
Fear of Heights Social Anxiety Grief Phobias
Depression Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Jealousy Sexual Abuse
Exam Nerves Psychosexual Dysfunction Performance anxiety Pain Management
Procrastination Relationships issues

Contact Leonie today for more information regarding BWRT® and how it can help you.