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Leonie focuses on the client to achieve their goal and to find the best resources to be a success



I have lost my core- identity. I do not know who I am and feel lost and hopeless.

I had my own business and I lost it. I felt that people had let me down and that I could not trust people anymore.

I had relationship issues that were unresolved.

I did the 4-week program with Leonie- to access new neural pathways- that guided me to my ideal and future self.

Now I am back on track.  I Have a zest for life, and I can tap into that part of myself, where I know where I am going, creating new goals and dreams, taking action to get there.


Thank you Leonie, you are a lifesaver




I have been struggling for a long time with this addiction.

It consumed my thoughts and my days

My wife and religion really condemn these actions of mine.

I feel dirty and lost.

I did the package Leonie advised, and apply the tools Leonie gave me, to daily, take charge of my thoughts and actions.


Thank you Leonie for helping me, changing my addictive thought patterns into what I would rather focus on.

Being a family man, and also to be an example for other men out there.

Addictions can be overcome with your commitment and the help from Leonie

D from Johannesburg




I did not believe in myself and I started projects but could never finish it

Thanks to Leonie and BWRT , I can let you know that I  can plan better and take action

The new website is coming up  and is very excited about it and marketing is part of my business plan


JV  Cape Town




I have lost focus and felt hopeless. Leonie reminded me to use my tools

I am back on track and can set new goals to be creative, paint again and to not take the world so seriously.

F from Bloemfontein




I took the relationship package that Leonie offers

Leonie helped me to see my own worth and also that of my partner.

I changed my thoughts patterns and accepted what I could not change

I have gratitude for my relationship and feel much happier

EH  fromVryburg



I came to Leonie – Really despondent and ready to commit suicide. For years I had struggled with major depression and suicidal tendencies. My life had felt like it had reached its end. I was exhausted all the time. Drained and just feeling like nothing was helping. Meds weren’t helping, psychology wasn’t helping. I felt utterly alone.

I started my journey with Leonie – she in one session helped me release the suicidal tendencies. She’s helped me move mountains and she guided me to deal with my emotions in a better way.
She is compassionate but has a no-nonsense attitude. And I can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me in the time we worked together. Anytime I have something come up, she’s my go to.
Thanks, Leonie for truly helping me get my life back again.

MBR from Johannesburg



I came to see Leonie after I have been purging for 5 years. It was a secret, not my family or boyfriend knew about my illness that sucked me in. When I purged 3 times a day, I knew I had to ask for help

I became ill and had a lot of health issues.

Leonie did one BWRT session and I could stop purging, and I signed up for her package to help me change my thought patterns, beliefs and negative thinking habits, to create a healthy eating habit.

I have a healthy relationship with food and with my family

Thank you Leonie- you saved my life

MP from Bloemfontein



Wow!!! One session and I am free from Smoking. I use all the tools to assist me when a craving appears, and effortlessly I can go on with my day, focusing on the part that is free from smoking

Thank you Leonie for giving back my health.



Leonie provided an excellent service to me as an overseas client, I signed up for her package and received the benefits of BWRT via Skype.
She is very professional and skilled. I can highly recommend her to create change in your life.
Thank you Leonie
I have worked closely with Leonie- seeing her consistently every week. I was able to break the pattern of alchol addiction. One day I had a crisis and could not see Leonie immediately, I asked myself what would Leonie tell me to do ? and I remembered that she said ” Use your tools” and I did, and I did not go back to the old pattern of the misuse of alcohol. Leonie has empowered me to be the best I can be
Thank you so much
RS from Thaba Nchu




I was desperately looking for someone to help me to be more confident in the work environment, especially communicating in my second language with colleagues and customers.

I found Leonie online and after a short telephone call I’ve enrolled in the 6 weeks program.

Though a bit sceptic in the beginning, I soon realized the value of the tools she introduced. 

We uncovered and healed issues that reached far beyond just the work environment.

 I am amazed at how it influenced my whole being. I could let go of Past Hurts and start creating the life I have planned for Me. 

I now have the tools to deal with situations that left me numb with anxiety in the past. The Anxiety I experieced is much less.

I can do my work with Confidince and Ease

Thanks, Leonie, for re-wiring my brain, and equipping me with tools to empower myself for the journey ahead.

SME,   Bloemfontein