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Benefits of Life And Wellness coaching

  • Get a fresh perspective on life’s challenges
  • Enhance decision-making
  • Create and increase confidence
  • Better health and happiness
  • Assist in goals and how you can reach it
  • improve the quality of your life
  • Time is used constructively and efficiently
  • Asses what you need and find a time frame to do it


  • Dimensions of wellness – To be balanced we need to look at all 7 parts
  • Physical – Nutrition and looking after the physical body through exercise
  • Social – Interacting with people and relationships
  • Emotional – How to cope with life
  • Occupational – To find balance with skills and finances
  • Intellectual – Thinking and creativity
  • Environmental – Protecting the earth
  • Spiritual – Finding meaning and value

All these dimensions create a framework for well being. Personal growth can take place to find balance. Skype sessions available.