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Problems that are psychological in origin, rather than physiological, and are called psychosexual disorders or difficulties.

Sexual unhappiness is created by inhibitions and embarrassments

Guilty conscience, stress, anxiety, nervousness, worry, fear, depression, physical or emotional trauma, abuse and rape creates imbalances.

Ignorance or improper sex education can be a reason for incompatibility.

Deep-seated conflicts between sexual feelings during adolescence and that which is represented by family,religion or cultural (for example, a lot of woman have the attitude that sex is dirty, sinful or a shameful)  and acts as a trigger for psychosexual disorder symptoms and create dissatisfaction.

Relationship issues, like power, trust or anger at partner and lack of communication and commitment to one’s partner, lack of self-esteem can lead to sexual disorders.

During the desire, arousal or orgasm phase dysfunction can creep in and it can be emotional or mentally created.

Discussion on sexual problems is critical. The conditions and triggers are respectfully analysed. Understanding the conflicts, Leonie can assist the client to find resolutions or acceptance.


What Cause Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction and do you relate to any of these:


Negative body image

Abusive relationship with a partner

Religious restrictions and also social or cultural restrictions

Guilt, fear and embarrassments in painful sexual encounters

Family or financial worries

Pregnancy, miscarriage, hormones, stress and fatigue linked to depression

Trauma through abuse

Constant worry about sexual performance

Sexual orientation creating uncertainty

What symptoms cause Psycho-Sexual Dysfunction in Men and do you relate to any of these


  • Not able to keep an erection
  • Not able to achieve orgasm
  • Inhibited sexual desire
  • Ejaculations occur too soon
  • Ejaculations do not occur
  • Not able to become aroused when appropriately stimulated

Psychosexual Symptoms in Women

  • Dry vagina
  • Experiencing pain during sex
  • Not able to become aroused when appropriately stimulated
  • Not able to achieve orgasm
  • Inhibited sexual desire
  • Vaginismus—an unconscious spasm or tightening of the muscles around the vagina that interferes with sexual intercourse

It is vital to go to your health practitioner so that you can have a medical check up to have a psychological assessment.


Treatments for Psychosexual Dysfunction Difficulties

Find ways to deal with stressful or painful issues.

  • Unlearn automatic behaviours.
  • Marriage or Relationship Counseling , communicating with each other about issues at hand

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